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Dir en grey at the Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles

It sucks to be waiting....and waiting....and waiting....for your ride to pick you up.

I thought Nicole was going to have a fucking coronary while we were waiting for her friend to pick us up in front of Jamba Juice.
She was running late, and time was not being friendly at that moment.

It was getting closer to the time that the doors were said to open.
I had pit....and was holding one of the tickets for someone from Batsu who was already in line...


I was a nervous fucking wreck to say the least.
But, eventually she came, and we practically flew into her car.

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JRock Revolution Pt. 2 - Saturday

I woke up again, but this time to the sun and more warmth.
Not much happened in the line.

Well, my face got burnt to a crisp (quite literally, I can't stop picking at my blisters).
I was pretty much appointed as the one who would represent our group in line (since at least one person per group had to be present).

The sun is my enemy.
I'm a pale, freckled Mexican.

Sunscreen is my friend.
I must remember to invite him to my outdoor adventures from now on.


Me and Spence were interviewed by a guy at one point.
He asked us about how we got into JRock, how we felt about the language barrier, and who we were most excited to see.

It was interesting.

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JRock Revolution Pt. 1 - Friday

I got to LA with Saku at about 1:30 - 2:00 in the morning.

Neither of us slept, but instead we just kept laughing about random shit.
And we were loud.

Sorry to those of you who were near us and trying to sleep.


Also, some homeless guy was playing a horn.

Saku kept yelling "SHUT UP!" "YOU SUCK!".
But he kept on playing, almost like he was purposely trying to antagonize her.

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Ayumi in Springtime

It was a very beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to take Ayumi outside for a photoshoot.

However, it was also quite windy.

At one point I had Ayu standing, I was looking through my camera, and a gust of wind came and pushed her flat on her face.


> <;;

I nearly had a heart attack, but she hadn't so much as a scratch on her.

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I got my doll! .....only.....it's....

Not what I had originally planned to get!


Well, during the AE...
I was unable to get my Kurumi as I had initially planned.

(I couldn't even get her fucking order page to load!)

So after shedding many tears and screaming curses at Volks' 503 errors, I chose to get a different doll.
And that doll is Megu.

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